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Fauna & Flora International’s work spans across the globe, with over 100 projects in nearly 40 countries, mostly in the developing world. We proudly stand up for biodiversity and aim to show just how relevant it is to all of those who share the planet.

Established over a century ago, Fauna & Flora International was the world’s first international conservation organization. The pioneering work of its founders in Africa led to the creation of numerous protected areas, including Kruger and Serengeti National Parks.

FFI has always been a groundbreaker; it is renowned for its innovative, landmark programmes, many of which have come to be regarded as classic examples of conservation practice.

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World Ranger Day: celebrating the unsung conservation heroes

Mountain gorillas. Sumatran tigers. Hawksbill turtles. All owe their survival to the dedicated rangers who put their lives on the line to protect them. Today, we salute these stalwarts of conservation.

Results announced for tiger snare sweep competition in Sumatra

The Kerinci Seblat Tiger Programme in Sumatra, Indonesia, holds an annual competition that rewards Tiger Protection and Conservation Unit teams for putting in extra effort to protect tigers and other Sumatran wildlife during a peak poaching season. The results of the 2014 Great Kerinci Snare Sweep are now in, as team leader Debbie Martyr reports…

Thirty new marine protected areas declared in Scotland

Scotland’s first community-led marine protected area is among the new designations, thanks to the hard work of Fauna & Flora International’s partner, the Community of Arran Seabed Trust.

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We work on over 100 projects, in over 40 countries, on over 5 continents.

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