Akatu Institute (Co-Chair)

Akatu Institute Community Council

The Akatu Institute is a non-profit NGO that was founded on March 15, 2001 (International Consumer Day). Created with a mission to educate and mobilize society for conscious consumption, the Akatu Institute endeavors to make consumers aware of the importance of their consumption choices as an instrument to transform society and the environment.

Since its foundation, Akatu has been working with opinion-makers – mass media, advertising campaigns, corporate partners, community leaders, volunteer groups, and educational leaders – so that they can disseminate the concept and practice of conscious consumption among the general public.

The word “Akatu” comes from the Tupi language and means both “good seed” and a “better world”. It conveys the idea that the better world is contained in each person’s actions.

The Akatu Institute works to instill consciousness in consumers by empowering them to make responsible purchasing decisions based on education and awareness.

Headquarters Sao Paulo, Brazil

Founded 2001

Reach National


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